[video] Katie Carr (CDEC) & Clive Belgeonne (DECSY)

Katie Carr and Clive Belgeonne from the UK reflect on how to build an alliance between LAs, CSOs and schools to favour Global Citizenship Education. An interview by TCIC at the conference Local Policies for Global Schools [ENG].

[video] La Salete Coelho, Instituto Politécnico de Viana di Castelo

Portugal is among the European best practices as far as the promotion of Global Citizenship integration is concerned. La Salete Coelho, from Global Schools partner Insituto Politecnico de Viana do Castelo, explains the first significant steps for integrating it in school programmes - Trento, 1 dicembre 2015 (ITA)

[video] Global Citizenship Education

Global Citizenship Education gives students the knowledge and skills they need to answer the big questions of the day, and to help forge more tolerant, peaceful and inclusive societies.

[video] Franz Halbartschlager

At what stage is Global citizenship education in Austria? Who is participating in its promotion in Austria and across Europe? An interview by TCIC with Franz Halbartschlager from Global Schools partner organisation Suedwind 

[video] Global Schools Project trailer

Discover the Project in a video

Local authorities, civil society organizations, research centres and higher education institutions. A European partnership is at work to integrate Global Citizenship Education as a cross-cutting approach to all existing subjects of primary school programmes in 10 European countries.