"Colourful world of Tomatoes" and "From Wood to Paper"

New GCE-Educational Materials developed by Südwind, in German for Children from 6 to 9 years.

After the educational material procuded in 2016 on  PLASTIC , the Austrian NGO Südwind developed two more educational materials for primary schools on THE COLOURFUL WORLD OF TOMATOES and on the secrets of WOOD and PAPER. See them here, use them with your children or pupils at schools, and let us know what you think!

The material „Colourful World of Tomatoes“ includes teaching units on:

  • Tomatoe-Quiz and unknown kinds of tomatoes
  • Where do vegetables come from in winter?
  • All about ketchup and how to make ketchup on your own…

Free download HERE

The material „From Wood to Paper“ includes teaching units on:

  • Insights from a paper-factory
  • How dung is converted to paper
  • Paper-detectives: consumption and use of paper

Free download HERE