Can LAs contribute to sustainability?

A toolkit for Local Authorities contributes with 26 concrete actions to improve sustainability at local level.

“Local Authorities, as drivers for change at local level, have the capacity and the appropriate means to motivate and engage citizens into global challenges and good practices towards sustainable development by promoting and supporting relevant initiatives in different fields, as follows”. These are the opening words of the online kit “TURN YOUR LOCAL AUTHORITY MORE SUSTAINABLE” produced by the Ladder project led by ALDA.

LADDER is a EU-funded project that aims to inform, raise awareness and engage citizens, civil society organisations and local authorities in global issues, global interdependency and development education.

Among its numerous activities, it produced a toolkit addressed to Local Authorities, with concrete ideas to encourage their positive impact for a more sustainable world: the kit identified 26 actions to turn Local Authorities more sustainable. For instance, promoting community gardening, adopting green public procurement principles, joining the Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy & the European Capital of Culture, promoting street retails market and many more are among the ideas that are detailed in the list.

What can your local authority do? See some tips here