An educational resource for primary schools about playing and toys. The resource explores what children around the globe like to play and what parents and grandparents used to play, when they were children. It emphasises the importance of spare time for playing as a children's right. It gives information about gender stereotypes in toys and shows that you do not need many things for having fun, but some friends and a courtyard.

Author: Suedwind

Year: 2018

Languages: German

Typology of education resource : Cooperative games and Learning Units

Author: Suedwind

Key word(s):

Tags: consumption consumption , diversity diversity , human rights human rights , peace peace , social justice social justice , Sustainability Sustainability , sustainable development sustainable development

School subject(s)/field(s) of studies in which the educational resource can be used: Cross-curricular

Pupils’ learning competences (CGE) addressed: Global Citizienship Education

Methodology: Group work; reading/writing exercices; critical thinking; exploring/playing; creative work and games

Age range: 6-10

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