Education and equality between women and men are human rights and legal principles. This resource intends to give support to teaching and learning about equality between women and men, and to prevent gender violence through education. The handbook proposes different tasks oriented to work at different stages to challenge pupils on gender issues and stereotypes

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Author: C.Sauras Sarrìa

Year: 2018

Languages: Spanish

Typology of education resource : Handbook + class activities

GCE Issues: Diversity issues

Author: C.Sauras Sarrìa

Specific sub-thematic area(s): Gender equality; violence; Human rights

Key word(s):

Tags: diversity diversity , gender gender , human rights human rights

Activity’ objectives:

• Educate in equality in relations, sheding light on and eliminating sexist roles and stereotypes

• Encourage reflection on the role of the woman and man in an egalitarian environment

• Promote an inclusive language

• Raise awareness among students about the importance and necessity of co-responsibility

• Prevent gender violence

Pupils’ learning competences (SUBJECT- specific) addressed: Spanish; Maths; Arts; Social Science; Natural science; Citizenship education

Methodology: Team based learning; Cooperative learning; Multiple intellingences

Age range: 6-12

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