Violence and conflicts affect the entire world population in different scales and forms. Conflicts do not always have a happy ending, the key is to find a healthy resolution, that allows us go ahead.

The handbook proposes different tasks oriented to work with different intelligences: body kinetics, intrapersonal and interpersonal, musical etc., keeping a common thread, giving it a sense of progressive continuity. The first task is focused on work with oneself, fundamental when it comes to resolve conflicts. Know how I react, what are my potentials and weaknesses, learn to manage my emotions, will facilitate the interaction with the other. The second task focuses on that interaction, we are different people, we react in different ways, so see the other, find out what (sh)he feels and thinks, demands enough flexibility to cope with difference. The third task is more focused on culture of peace for a global citizenship approaching the topic from a perspective of common benefit. 

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Author: P. Garcia Maza, L. M. Ferrer Bueno, Associacion Conexiòn

Year: 2018

Languages: Spanish

Typology of education resource : Handbook + class activities

GCE Issues: Peace

Author: P. Garcia Maza, L. M. Ferrer Bueno, Associacion Conexiòn

Specific sub-thematic area(s): Conflict resolution, cohexistance, Peace, Violence

School subject(s)/field(s) of studies in which the educational resource can be used: Phisical Education; Citizenship education; Artistic education

Activity’ objectives:

- Develop self-knowledge and self-esteem
- Foster capacity of expressing opinions in multiple modalities, formats, and supports.
- Encourage critical and constructive dialogue

Methodology: Team based learning; Cooperative learning

Age range: 6-12

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